Website Info, and have been sitting here for nine years or so. Periodically I get offers from people wishing to purchase (or all three TLDs).  So far, no one has offered enough money to convince me to let them go.  

I've never really put a useful front page in place, except way back in the day (circa 1999).  If you look in the Internet Archive at,, and you'll find pages that were there before I even owned the domain.  Way back then, I had created a mIRC script called "Wrath". This script was mostly used for warring/channel protection on DALnet (in those days I was CyberSniper).  I could be found camped in several of the channels I owned.  My longest-standing channel was #/join.  By 2002 I had pretty much abandoned DALnet and somewhere around 2006 my nicknames and channels expired. Due to the cyclic nature of IRC, most kids abandon IRC after 3-5 years.  If they survive turning 16 they usually disappear once they go to college. For some reason I hung around a little longer.

This website is mainly used for data storage for my friends and I.  There are a couple gigabytes worth of motorsport-related video sitting in various places, a large archive of emoticons and forum-esque drivel, tons of PDFs/manuals, and buildups of my various offroad vehicles.  I have most of the old FuelSlut videos available at

In 2005, I suffered a data loss.  Huricane Katrina took out my webhosting company (who did not do off-site backups come to find out) and a double disk failure took out my own backups.  So, Project Fugly's 350MB of buildup images all but disapeared.  I also lost a lot of schematics, drawings, and manuals I had collected. Remember kids, make optical backups.

I'm kind of anal about bloated websites so you'll find that this one is pretty minimalistic.  And no stinkin' flash.


Yuki Yuki is our pet Shiba Inu. He’s been a pretty good dog so far, but I think we will eventually need to take him to obedience training. Part of the problem is we rarely have visitors so he doesn’t get the “practice” of meeting new people. He isn’t aggressive towards people—he is actually really excited… too excited. He jumps on people and tries to lick them to death. You can see some pictures of Yuki here


We've made a section dedicated to gaming. Now that we live in an apartment we've run out of things to do. There isn't a whole lot of television for us to watch since the Writer's Guild of America has stopped most new TV watching. I scrapped my MythTV box for a TiVo and now I regret it. Nothing like paying $13/month for nothing but "reality" TV.

I've never been one to be into gaming.  The last time I spent a serious time playing games was Fall of 2000. At the time, I was running a Counter-Strike gaming server on a Dual P3-600MHz PC with 1GB of RAM. Believe it or not, that was a screaming machine back then.  I have always like First Person Shooter and racing games.  I did play LucasArts' Wrath Unleashed.

I've always been into racing games and first person shooters.  I've played the Need For Speed franchise since Need For Speed II. NFS II: Special addition was probably my favorite. But we're talking PC games from 10 years ago, kind of like San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing for Nintentdo 64. My cousin and I still play Rush periodically on his N64. I also liked Mega Man X for SNES. Now I feel old.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is supposed to come out sometime this year.  Rumor is that it won't happen until late Fall.  I've never been too interested in RPGs but the idea of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) is rather interesting.  I just don't have the time to dedicate to it to be able to compete.  It's not like a FPS where a good reaction time, a low-latency internet connection, and decent hardware makes you a good competitor.  For RPGs you have to invest a lot of time.  But, this RPG is worth a look. The catch is that to play you need to be a level 68 or better. They finally created a playable hero class called the Death Knight and increased the level cap to 80.  Arthas Menethil fused with the spirit of Ner'zhul to become the Lich King.  The Lich King resides on a new continent, Northrend (as seen in Warcraft III), that the battles will take place on.  After battling the Lich King's undead armies of the Scourge they will reach the Icecrown Citadel where they will find Arthas clutching the rune blade Frostmourne atop the Frozen Throne. 

Project Fugly

Fugly Project Fugly is a truck I built in 2005.  It earned the name Fugly because of a fellow offroader that built his truck by putting a pickup cab on a Blazer frame and running a boat for a bed.  I built it to drivable condition by myself in 17 days.  Pretty much identical to the picture at left, except then it had 40" TSLs instead of 44" TSLs.  It is titled as a 1987 2wd Longbox Chevy pickup, and that's where the cab came from.  The frame and axles are from a 1979 K5 Blazer.  With the 44s and myself in it, it weighs 2650lbs.  It has JEEP stickers on the front fenders to make fun of Jeeps.  No, I don't have a vanity plate on it that says wrath.  

I have Dana 60 axles out of a 1979 Ford Sno-Fighter and a 1983 Chevy 1 ton SRW.  I plan on inboarding the rear leaf springs, swapping to a driver drop IFS NP241, and having four wheel steering.  I have everything I need to do it except for steering and axleshafts for the axles.  The shafts are pretty expensive and probably the only thing keping me from finishing the project.  Fall 2005 I cracked the block (just because coolant is green doesn't mean it won't freeze).  Since I had graduated college and joined the ranks of a working individual, it got parked until Summer 2007.  I swapped in a fresh engine, new front leaf springs, and a set of 44" Interco Super Swamper TSLs.  At the end of summer I quit that job and moved to Wisconsin where there is virtually no offroading.  Since in the land of cheese I can't even use such a behemoth on the street the project has been put on the back burner.