We aren't big video game players, but we do like some things. I have a Nintendo DS and I was somewhat addicted to New Super Mario Brothers for a little while. There are some other games that other people are getting really into, and since we want our site to be all inclusive of everything, we'll touch on a few of these.  We live in an apartment now so there aren't a lot of opportunities to escape outdoors.  We're not supposed to work on our cars in the parking garage but that hasn't stopped me from rotating tires or changing the oil in there.

NDS: New Super Mario Brothers

New Super Mario Brothers was fun and I actually beat it about a year ago. It was pretty easy. I didn't get really into great depth and unlock all the levels, I just got to the end. I was happy enough with that but now I wish I had it (I sold it on eBay.com a while ago) so I could play it again. It's a very relaxing game if you aren't getting mad at it.

NDS: Nintendogs

I had the version with the Shiba Inu in it, and this was before I had Yuki but was considering getting a Shiba. I liked that game but it ends up being a bit pointless after a while. I wasn't that great at it and I started neglecting my dogs so they were always dirty when I turned the game on. That stressed me out. I ended up selling it on eBay and I don't miss it.

NDS: Brain Age 2/Flash Focus

I heard about Brain Age 2 and Flash focus. Those sound like something I'm interested in and as soon as some cash frees up from paying off the Christmas presents I bought my family, I will probably look into getting something like that.

Nintendo Wii

I really wanted a Nintendo Wii for a while, but since we're living in an apartment it really isn't convenient right now. Probably we would trip over the dog when we were playing, or he would get too excited about it and start barking at us flailing around in front of the TV, so we're skipping it. We might never get one, but I think they really are fun to play. I played Wii Sports at a friend's house when it first came out. I was really, really bad at it, but I had more fun than I ever have playing any other video game. It's fun to watch, too. If we had a lot of extra cash right now I'd say get one anyway and let Yuki deal with it, but so far that hasn't happened. The games I'd get if we got a Wii are probably as follows:

I'd skip Legend of Zelda. I get too confused playing that game on non-Wii devices that I'd probably never be able to figure it out on Wii. It might be worth a try though since I heard a lot of other people really like it.

I think I'd also skip Guitar Hero III. A lot of people keep talking about it but I just don't think I'm interested.

I'm definitely interested in MySims. I was somewhat addicted to The Sims when I had it on PC a long time ago. I never got Sims 2, but I think I would have liked it if I had it. I wasn't very into the Sims anymore when Sims 2 came out, and even though everyone loved it I just didn't have the money to spend to buy it at the time.

I think I'd want Super Mario Galaxy. It looks fun and I think we'd have fun playing it.

Dance Dance Revolution might be worth a try. I didn't even know they made it for Wii until I looked on Amazon.com. I've always been curious about it and I know my little cousins love it, so maybe that's something I'd be interested in.

Sony PlayStation 3

The PS3 is probably the best gaming console out there right now. It's a bit pricey though. The fact that it has a built-in blu-ray player probably is the deciding factor to purchase for many of the people on the fence on whether to choose the XBox 360 or the PS3.  If you're going to buy a new PS3 and have old games, I recommend the 60GB version as it has the hardware inside to run old PlayStation games.  The 60GB does hardware emulation whereas the 80GB is software emulation.  The 40GB version is a barebones system that lacks backward compatability for PS2, two of the USB ports, and memory stick.  The 60GB version is getting difficult to find though.  In that case, get the 80GB.

I noticed that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the #1 selling video game on www.amazon.com for the PS3.  It's a pretty fun game.  The Devil May Cry 4 is a little bit retarded.  Assassin's Creed has quite a following. 

Xbox 360

The XBox 360 is a marvel.  It came out nearly 3 years ago/released over 2 years ago and for the most part is still dominating the console world.  There are over 17 million of the things out there.  The PS3 is a superior piece of hardware but it is newer and costs more.   Microsoft did some hard thinking by now trying to roll in too many features into the base console and making it modular.  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the #1 selling video game on www.amazon.com for Xbox 360 as well.   I had a student working for me when the 360 came out and I remember him camping waiting to buy one.  That's all he talked about and where his money went.  I've played Halo 3 on it quite a bit and it's still my favorite 360 game.